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5 Socializing Rules for Children (and Parent too!)

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

How important is raising children with good akhlaq to you?

If your answer is SUPER IMPORTANT, read on!

It is compulsory for Muslim parents to nurture good akhlaq within their children from a very young age. Allah has entrusted parents with children, and it is top priority that parents cultivate good habits to ensure their children to grow up to be good Muslims – whether they are to be leaders or followers in future, good character is important for human beings to live comfortably and responsibly with each other.

The keys to nurturing good habits within your child is DISCIPLINE and PRACTICE.

To give you some guidance the subject, below we have chosen 5 rulesfrom Imam Al-Ghazali’s book Golden Principles of Raising Children:

1. Do not talk too much.

Do not encourage children to start a conversation. Allow them to practice ‘hayaa’’ or shyness in certain situations. Rather than encouraging your child to speak more, train them to LISTEN attentively when other people are talking to them and to answer questions proportionately when asked. Remind them that talking too much will often lead to verbal abuseand worse, carelessness in communication which may hurt other people’s feelings.

2. Do not spit publicly.

Be very careful as children observe whatever we do as parents. Spitting in public is unsanitary and immoral, hence avoid spitting in public spaces.

3. Do not pick your nose in public!

Train your children early to clean and clear their noses with water during bath time. At the age of 7 and above, remind them to clean their noses properly during wudhu. Make sure they wash their hands thoroughly afterwards as well!

4. No yawning in public.

Many parents have practiced this with their children. As a result, their children are able to control their yawningor yawn quietly. Alternatively, you can teach your child to cover his/her mouth when they yawn.

5. No swearing!

Parents should prevent their children from useless talk/conversations, dirty talk, cursing, and accusations. For a start, prohibit your child from negative people and surroundings. Carefully choose the contents for your child’s viewing and hearing. Remember, you are the parents. It is your responsibility to nurture your child’s good character and conduct, for the benefit of this life and the next.

Finally, make du’aa to Allah for guidance in raising our children for it is only with Allah’s mercy that all our efforts will produce good results, in shaa Allah.

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