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Mumtaz Generation, The Leading Technology Preschool in Malaysia


With the challenges that arise in current society, it is very important that every child is equipped with the right knowledge and grow with the right behaviour. Leadership values that are guided by Al-Quran and Sunnah, become a vital ingredient in developing our child, following the example of prophet Muhammad SAW in becoming a successful Muslim in this life and life-after.

MUMTAZ GENERATION™ helps the child to connect with ALLAH SWT from the beginning of their learning in life and nurturing them to be A Blessed Innovator who has a true understanding of Al-Quran and Sunnah, strong academic knowledge and a well-balanced personality


To success, MUMTAZ GENERATION™ provide future-excellence modules to enable our children to understand the foundation of technology which gives the advantage and opportunity to lead the market and industry in the future.








Happy children at Mumtaz Generation




To nurture generation of High Impact Innovators, who will bring harmony and create a wonderful and meaningful world.






To develop academic skills of children, nurture the right leadership behaviours, embrace healthy lifestyle and impart Islamic education that built a leader with a well-balanced Muslim character, contributing citizens and respectful human being.




Core Values












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